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(includes $20.00 setup fee)Without Live Call then after that, you will be charged $25/month

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Premium Plan

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Benefits of becoming a Health Success Center Member

The philosophy of the Health Success Center web site is to create a supportive environment to help people become successful in their Home-Based Business.

  • Tutorial on how to set up & use the Health Success Center Website.
  • Live weekly webinar/conference call trainings which are FREE.
  • A very Duplicatable System for Distributors, new or seasoned.
  • Personalized Landing Page with videos explaining Electrolyzed Restructured Water.
  • Do virtual demos using this web site for your prospects anywhere in the world.
  • A back office to login to your account, customize your landing page, and access all our resources including a contact manager/data base.
  • A full online Training System covering all aspects of your business. Start off on the right foot and advance as your business grows while using the HSC web site.
    All our TRAININGS are always FREE.
  • A searchable Knowledge Base Center (KBC) of documents, links, and videos.
  • You can either manually set up videos to go out or set them up automatically go out to drip on your prospects, customers and distributors.
  • The focus of the website is to educate your prospects that electrolyzed restructured water is healthier and taste better than bottled or filtered water.

Premium Plan includes all the above plus Zoom capability.

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