Policy Statement

We have created a fun, supportive environment. Let's all play fair.

Policy Statement

The philosophy of the Health Success Center is to create a supportive environment of excitement and success in helping people find physical, financial and mental wellbeing. True overall health is at the heart of our philosophy and that is why we have come together to create a safe place where we can share the water, share the products and share the business opportunity. For member distributors, this means a dedicated, professional space for demos, support and training to help you achieve your goals. At the same time, we want to create an environment of fairness. Therefore we have created a set of rules and guidelines that will set the structure in which to work. We ask each Member to adhere to these policies and we will enforce them to the best of our abilities. Please note, this is not a company office, this is owned and run by Independent Distributors. The Center is not funded or financially supported by the company. It is financially supported by Members who join our Center.


To be a Member of the Health Success Center, you must be an Independent Distributor. Membership Dues are automatically charged on a recurring basis on the first of the month that Membership renews and they recur until cancelled. The month you sign up is prorated for the remaining days of that month. Membership billing cycle choices are Monthly, Biannual, and Annual.

Private Landing Pages

Each Membership comes with a FREE private, personalized landing page. In order for your guests to view your private landing page, a Special Access Code is required. Your private landing page will be created for you and the links will be emailed to you. You have the ability to customize the content in three footer sections of your landing page. That content is public. The Health Success Center is not responsible for the content that you place into your private landing page footers. We reserve the right to remove content that is not appropriate. We also reserve the right to make the footer content private, which will require a Special Access Code to be displayed. No testimonials or medical claims can be put on the sidebar of your landing page. Doing so violates our Policy and your account will be subject to cancellation.

Reinstatement of Membership

If your Membership dues payment is declined, you will lose access to Membership Benefits, including use of your landing page, until payment has been made. To reinstate your Membership, simply login to your account and click Update Your Billing Info on the right.

Guests and Day Passes

Guests of Members in good standing are always free. No Distributor or their guests will be admitted into the Center if they are not a Member. Non-member Distributors can buy a Day Pass for Product Demos and Business Opportunity Presentations for themselves and / or for guests. The cost is fixed for a specific day for as many guests as you want to bring or send. Click on the Day Pass link in the navigation bar to buy Day Passes. Once purchased, Day Passes are non-refundable.

Since many guests will be invited from Members that may not be present, there will be no convincing or persuading them to purchase from you or from someone on your team. We want Members to feel secure that their guests will not be taken from them.

Distributor Training and Day Passes

Included with Membership are the Distributor Trainings in our Paramus, NJ location. These training are free to Members. Non-member Independent Distributors can attend a training by paying $20 at the door.


All events require you to RSVP. This can be done on either on www.HealthSuccessCenter.com by clicking Events the navigation bar and selecting the event(s) you would like to attend. Enter your name and the names of your guest(s).


Members and their guests must be on time to events at the Center. Arrival time is 15 – 30 minutes before the start of presentations. If you do arrive after a presentation has started, enter the Center quietly, sign in and take a seat toward the back of the room. Everyone should be friendly and enthusiastic. We want no negativity brought into the Center. All cell phones need to be turned off or put on vibrate. Calls cannot be made or answered in the Center during presentations. Also refrain from texting during presentations. These activities are very distracting to guests and the presenters. Advise your guests that there will be no talking during presentations. If your guests have questions, please ask them to hold their questions until afterwards. Most questions will be answered during the presentation. Be courteous, considerate and respectful of your guests, as well as of the guests of other Members. If a Member is speaking with their guests before or after a presentation, please do not interrupt them with questions of your own or contradict them. Only company business will be conducted during our events. There will be no promoting of other companies or cross-sponsoring of any kind allowed.


We ask that you sit so that no seats are left between you and the wall. If a row is empty, please select your seats starting at the wall and move toward the aisle. This will ensure all seats are utilized and no seats are left empty closest to a wall. We reserve the right to ask Members and guests to shift seats to accommodate others to consolidate empty seats.

Water Jugs, Handout Materials and Sampling

Members and their guests need to bring their own water jugs, DVDs, brochures and any other handout materials. The Center will not supply your guests with free materials. Water jugs, supplies and other materials are available for purchase. Members and guests can fill their jugs to take home and Members' guests can return when the Center is open to re-fill their jugs. From the Center, you can only give out water to your guests for up to 21 days. Only drinking water will be given out. Giving out or using 2.5 or 11.5 waters is prohibited. If your guests want to disinfect their bottles before refilling, they need to do so before they arrive at the Center.

Changing Your Membership

Members have a choice of Monthly, Biannual or Annual Membership. You may change your Membership billing cycle. Membership dues are paid on the first of the month at the beginning of the billing cycle. If you change from Biannual or Annual to another Membership, do so in the last month of your current cycle to avoid being double charged for an overlapping billing period.

Updating Your Information

If your billing information changes, it is your responsibility to update your information. Once you login to the site, links are available to Update Your Billing Info, as well as to Modify Your Profile, in the Account section.


During the presentations, we will ask if anyone present wants to share their story and experience with the products. We ask you limit your story to 60 seconds or less.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Once purchased, Membership Dues and Day Passes are non-refundable. Membership Dues are automatically charged on a recurring basis on the first of the month that Membership renews and they recur until cancelled. Members may cancel their Membership by logging into the site and clicking the Cancel Your Membership link in the Account section. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to cancel or refuse membership, or membership renewal at any time.