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which produces clean, hydrating and delicious water.

Micro Clustered
7 Ph levels
Environmental Impact

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About Us

I have been a wellness educator for over 27 years. I started out drinking electrolyzed restructured water as a customer only, but after receiving many benefits, I felt a moral and professional obligation not to keep this a secret. So my wife Debbie & I work together as a TEAM. We are very passionate about spreading the message about electrolyzed restructured water (ERW) and the many benefits this technology provides. We have been sharing these Ionizers with family, friends, and everyone we have come in contact with since January of 2010. 

Debbie was born and raised in River Rouge, MI, and I in Detroit, MI. We have no children. Now, we live in Northville, MI. We spend our summers in northern Michigan, typically at Torch Lake and Clam River.

We both fell in love with the community we live near, and we also believe in giving back to that community which is why we support and are one of the founding members of the local organization such as

They are a nonprofit organization that supports "Better Cycling in Dearborn Bike for Your Health, Community, Transportation, and the Environment!" We donate  for every sale we make and a regular contribution. 

Change Your Water Change Your Life!

Your Health Success Consultant, 

Chris and Debbie Timco


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