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which produces clean, hydrating and delicious water.

Micro Clustered
7 Ph levels
Environmental Impact

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About Us


I have been a wellness educator for over 35 years. I started out drinking electrolyzed restructured water as a customer only but after receiving many benefits I felt a moral and professional obligation to not keep this a secret. My wife Bonnie Sue & I work together as a TEAM. We are very passionate about spreading the message about electrolyzed restructured water (ERW) and the many benefits this technology provides. We have been sharing these Ionizers with family, friends and everyone we come in contact with since December of 2010. 

We were both born and raised in Bergen County, NJ and spent every summer at the Jersey Shore since we were children. It was always a passion for the both of us to live close to the beach so in December 1999 we moved to South Jersey where we also started our family. We both fell in love with the community we live in and we also believe in giving back to our community which is why we support a local organization such as David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation.

They are a non-profit organization that supports families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. They help these families pay their bills while they’re going through all their treatments and difficult challenges. Our company Future of Health Care, Inc. donates $50 for every sale that we make as well as a monthly contribution.  We also participate in their annual summer fund raiser dinner event. If you or anyone you know can benefit from there help or if you would like to donate to this wonderful nonprofit organization please visit their website at DDBCF

Change Your Water Change Your Life!


Your Health Success Consultant, 


Rick Bonnie Sue Ercolano

Rick's Cell - 201-615-0152

Bonnie Sue's cell - 201-615-6122