Intro to a high quality ionizer
which produces clean, hydrating and delicious water.

Micro Clustered
7 Ph levels
Environmental Impact

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About Us


“3B to FREE” this is what one of my doctors said about me.

I am a seasoned nurse, experienced in caring for all age groups, from neonatal to geriatric patients, medical-surgical, intensive care, ambulatory clinics including community and public health nursing. I loved working as a Nurse Clinical Care Coordinator in the hospital. I loved and enjoyed caring for my patients inside the hospital and as most Nurses do, we forget to take care of themselves. Until, in 2015,  I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Breast Cancer, I realized, I need to take care of myself and focus on my personal healing. This is a family disease, which placed my life and my family’s life to a standstill. With strong faith and conviction to return back to health, I listened to my body. Instead of following all Western medical treatments protocol. I regained back my health through deep faith, lifestyle changes, proper excellent hydration and detoxification.

My healthy recovery from Cancer prompted me to retire early from hospital Nursing which I really loved doing. Since I was not of retirement age yet, I decided to go back to work on my own terms. Thus, ANRYM International is born! With the mission to share what I’ve learned and experienced on how to return back to achieving True Health. A decision that changed my life, working on my own terms under the principles and values of being a Nurse and of service. Now, I am more fulfilled at truly sharing benefits of true healthy living.

ANRYM International provides compassionate service coaching toward a well rounded, active, healthy self. Better ways of hydration with pure healthy ELECTROLYZED REDUCED, HYDROGEN RICH WATER, is just a start with our company. With EXCELLENT HYDRATION, You experience the benefits of an active,healthy, vibrant energy everyday. You will have bio friendly home and feel fulfilled SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT while hydrating yourself, your family and friends. Experience a well hydrated active and fulfilled lifestyle everyday. That’s why I can say, 3B TO FREE, THAT’S ME! Life is short, so we have to active and enjoy every minute of it.

ANRYM  Always Nurture and Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body with ANRYM Company!

Here at your Service,        

Myrna Macatangay

tel. (954) 489-8096