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About Us

I’m a Registered Nurse, retired in May, 2016 after working in the Nursing profession for 35 years here in Florida. Once a nurse, always a Nurse no matter where you are. Although retired, I still want to pursue with my mission in life: keeping people around me always active and healthy, through caring. My vision: Everyone around me experience True Health, meaning they are free of aches or pain, they are active, healthy, energized and at peace.

      I experienced firsthand the health benefits of drinking ERW water in December 2015. At that time, I was in my worst health condition. In addition to changing my diet to whole foods, plant based diet, drinking ERW water brought my body back to homeostasis. My awesome health condition now, prompted me to share the benefits of ERW water by educating my family and friends. Waking up every morning from a well rested night sleep, pain free, energized, active and always ready to enjoy my day, motivates me to share my secrets to healthy living                               

       I am now a Registered Nurse Coach assisting family, friends and clients to be a better version of themselves. If I can help you have excellent night sleep, wake up without aches or pain, feeling energized, active and ready to tackle your daily activities, I will be grateful and accomplish my life mission.

Here at your Service,                          

Myrna Macatangay

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