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Microplastics found in blood vessels linked to greater risk of heart problems

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About Us

Alsuna Roland is a Health and Wellness Coach and has been in the wellness industry for over 22 years. In her practice her first line of defense is water. She is a firm believer in Dr. F. Batmagnhelidj‘s Theory where he states in his  book  “You Are Not Sick You Are Thirsty”that dehydration is the underlying cause of many health conditions, and that proper intake of water can help prevent many of these health challenges. Alsuna also believes that the human body can heal itself, once you give it the right raw materials. Alsuna is passionate about Prevention and Wellness and is always researching to find nutritional products that are safe for herself, her family and also to share with her clients, friends and even strangers  Alsuna is known for her slogan “It is cheaper to stay healthy than to get better”

  In 2007 I was introduced to ERW water by a family friend and immediately I threw up a red flag. He explained to me that ERW means “Electrolyzed Restructured Water” and it has the potential to help reduce oxidative stress. Having a science background it made sense to me so I decided to try the water and also shared it with my family especially my mother who benefitted tremendously. One of the things my mother bragged about with her friends at the senior citizen center was that she did not need hot water to make her tea because “her water” made her tea at room temperature.

The benefits of electrolyzed restructured water comes from each person’s experience. The results are positive, surprising and exciting. It is impossible to keep it a secret. Pet owners are also thrilled when they share this water with their pets.

I invite you to join me and help spread the word about the benefits of Electrolyzed Restructured Water.

Start drinking electrolyzed restructured water today!

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Alsuna Roland

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