The philosophy of the Health Success Center is to create a supportive environment of excitement and success in helping people find physical, financial and mental wellbeing. True overall health is at the heart of our philosophy and that is why we have come together to create a safe place where we can share the water, share the products and share the business opportunity.

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HSC Monthly Membership

$25 per month.
1st month is prorated.
Renews on 1st each month.

HSC Biannual Membership

$150 for 6 months.
1st month is prorated.
Renews every 6 months.

HSC Annual Membership

$300 for 1 year.
1st month is prorated.
Renews every 12 months.

Benefits of Membership to the Health Success Center

  • Professional dedicated space in Paramus, NJ.
  • Live regularly scheduled weekly Product and Business Opportunity presentations.
  • Live monthly distributor training sessions.
  • Bring or send unlimited amount of guests to our presentations.
  • Online RSVP to HSC events.
  • A physical store of select supplies and distributor tools.
  • A Very Duplicatable System for Distributors, new or seasoned.
  • A FREE private, personalized landing page with videos about the Products and the Global Oppportunity.
  • Do virtual demos for your prospects anywhere in the world.
  • Track the visitors to your landing page so you know what and how much of each video they watched.
  • A custom incentive offer section on your landing page (an option that you set) to get visitors to watch the videos.
  • A back office website to login to your account, customize your landing page, and access all of our resources.
  • A full online Training System covering all aspects of your business. Start off on the right foot and advance as your business grows.
  • A searchable Knowledge Base of documents, links, and videos that you can send to your prospects.
  • A Webinar Training Library of our recorded monthly calls and Success Calls.
  • An online Store for customized marketing tools, such as Business Cards, Jug Labels, Bottled Water Postcards and How Am I Going To Help You Brochures.

updated 12/13/16